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What is a Bearo?


A Bearo is a person who loves teddy bears and wishes to spread the news about Good Bears of the World. 


To become a Bearo, memberships begin at USD $150.00; Canada and Mexico $175.00 and all other countries $250.00.

Lifetime Bearo membership includes a unique Bearo membership number and certificate, a special Bearo pin, a membership card, logo stickers and a lifetime subscription to our Good Bears of the World journal named Bear Tracks.

Bearos always support our goals and mission statements whenever and wherever they can.


Bearo #1091 - Mary & Don Lucidi

We welcome the Lucidi’s, our newest Bearo members. They live in the Highland Park, a neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,

with their cat Bella.
Don is a semi-retired attorney working from home and Mary is a homemaker. Both were

born and raised in the Pittsburgh area.
A huge collection of bears and other stuffed animals reside with them, including over 800 Beanie Babies plus many other critters from Ty, Boyd’s, Build-a-Bear, North American Bear Company and more.
Recently they have adopted several Steiff’s

and collectible bears from the Good Bears Online Charity Sales.
“Our most special bear is Peter, a Folkmanis Brown Bear puppet.” Peter appears often on the Booster pages of Bear Tracks with Ima Rabbit and other friends. The Lucidi’s are animal lovers and enjoy visiting zoos, especially to see their local polar bears: Koda and Snowflake.
“We decided to become Bearo’s when we realized that
we have had a Good Bear membership only in Don’s name since about 1990’s and that we were long overdue in making our association with GBW permanent.”

Bearo #1089 - Mary Catchings
Mary lives in Bonham, Texas, was born in Burkburnett, Texas and is a widow. She and her husband of 59 years, Mark, had 3 children, Mike, Mitzi and Marita, 5 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren!

After a surgery Mary had 40 years ago, she told Mark she needed a teddy bear. He got her a “big” one and Ted sits in her Mother’s antique (115 years old) rocker in Mary’s bedroom.

In the late 1980’s Mark gave her a subscription to Teddy Bear Review because she loved stuffed toys. Reading that magazine taught her about collecting and valuing teddy bears. As a collector Mary has “200 or so” now. She has made some jointed bears and huggable bears for friends. The bears she buys are loved and then many are adopted-out, to places like her Children’s Center CASA. She has also given a few to the Booster Club to be used as needed.

The Booster Bears in the picture with Mary are (Left to right): Happy - a celebration bear featured in the Teddy Bear Encyclopedia; Theo- who has the sweetest face. Mary’s daughter, Marita, received him after a robbery at the drug store where she worked – glass was strewn everywhere and Theo got a cut in his chest. Mary sewed it up and gave him a heart and Pablo - from Peru, made from llama wool. Mary’s son, Mike and his wife Donna, got him for her when they went there on a Mission trip.

Over the years Mary has given teddy bear talks, taken teddy bear making classes and attended many Teddy Bear Shows. She is 89 years young, has been a GBW member and supporter for many years and always wanted to be a Bearo

Bearo #1073 Judy Magin

Judy Magin, lives in Hawaii and thought it was about time to become a Bearo since she has been a member of the Aloha Den for over 25 years.


Judy has always loved teddy bears and grew up in New York State near Teddy Roosevelt’s home.


Judy is a widow and was married to Jay for 43 years. They have 2 children, Janis and John and Grandchildren, Ian Meierdiercks and Laurel Magin. Judy still has her first bear named Judianne (after an ice cream truck). Judianne is over 75 years old!

Judy and her traveling bear, Barney.

At the airport in Tahiti. He was showing off his ’Jams”. They have also been all over the U.S. including Alaska. Barney’s first big trip was to China.

Bearo #1088 Margaret Wilson

Margaret Wilson became a Bearo because she wanted this organization to continue its good work.


She is happy to contribute financially so more bears will be available where and when needed.


Margaret was born in Massachusetts but lived most of her life in Hawaii. She retired from American Airlines and her husband resides in an assisted living facility nearby.


She received her “Good Bear” Polo, named for her building (Marco Polo) from the Salvation Army after a terrible fire in the condos.


Polo travels everywhere with her and they have already been on five cruises!

Here we are! Polo hosted a cocktail party on board the cruise ship Crystal Serenity. He keeps asking when we can cruise again!

Bearo #1075 Jennifer B. Davis

Jennifer B. Davis, is from Columbus, Ohio.

She became a Bearo to support GBW (and to have one less check to write each year).


Jennifer is a senior marketing and communications manager for a convention center.


She is a docent at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. One of her duties is to share information with guests about the polar, brown, sun and sloth bears. Her first teddy bear was Uncle Charlie.

A highlight of her collection is a polar bear she bought (in the picture), as a keepsake from an amazing trip, when she visited Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, “the polar bear capital of the world.”

#1083 Molly Parker

Molly Parker (Nagel) - My Interest in Good Bears started at a very young age. Maybe not my first, but my favorite bear is the Gund Chocolate Truffle bear that I received at a teddy bear show in Philadelphia when I was 5. He was given to me by my Aunt and Uncle John and Sharon Fey. I am currently married to Jason Parker another new Bearo and we have two children together. We are all members of the Beary Good friends Den out of Central Ohio.

#1084 Jason Parker
#1085 Sean Nagel
Jason Parker, Bearo #1084 is married to Molly and they have 2 children. He learned of Good Bears from Molly and her family. Jason collects Paddington Bear items, loves history and sharing that love with his children. Sean Nagel has been associated with Good bears of the world since grade school. He was introduced through his aunt and uncle and has helped with numerous events through the years. He lives in Newark with his wife, Laxmi, and their six rescue animals. Sean's favorite bear is a panda he's owned since childhood named Bamboo
#1086 Laxmi Singh-Nagel
Laxmi Singh - I am originally from India, moved to the US recently and married into a crazy teddy bear family. I was recently gifted my first chocolate truffle bear and the experience was exuberant. I am looking forward to escalate with this experience by being a member of the central Ohio Good Bears den.
#1082 Jeni Hayes
Jeni Hayes was born in Newark, OH and married Paul Peterson. Jeni is the niece of Sharon and John Fey. Jeni’s sister, Molly Parker and brother Sean Nagel along with their significant others are GBW Bearos. Jeni has 6 children - Dakota, Erin, Mahalia, Kirsten, Julia, and Ari. She works as the Service Desk of IT; is a teddy bear collector and her related hobby is sewing. Jeni has always loved teddy bears and became a member of the Beary Good Friends Den as soon as she was “old enough”! She remembers going to many Teddy Bear shows when she was 10 to 14 years old and would borrow a teddy bear she liked from an artist during the show and give it lots of love and snuggles and introduce him/her to many people while she walked around. Jeni would then return the bear to the artist and find another bear anxious for love and attention. The artists and Jeni really had fun with that! Jeni said, “My Aunt Sharon and my Uncle John brought me into the teddy bear world when I was little. They were early members of the Beary Good Friends Den. My uncle John was also the treasurer of GBW International for about 10 years. I have been a member for almost 30 years and my Bearo membership was a gift from my aunt and uncle.”
Bearo #1078
Meet - Thomas W. Goedde

Thomas became a bearo because his wife, Peggy, is a Bearo and he believes in the GBW mission! They used teddy bears to decorate at their wedding and are both active collectors.

Tom started driving semi-trucks in 1994-5. He bought 2 teddy bears with the company logo and when he was away from home he and his wife each had a bear to sleep with.


The Goeddes have teddy bears and Mooses all over their home (Moose was his nick-name in the Navy).


Over the past 20 years Tom has helped with events and giftings with Peggy and his mother-in-law through Bear With Us Den in Fresno, California.

Bearo #816

Bearo # 816, Jacqueline M. Fischer sent several pictures of teddy bears being tossed on the ice in Hershey, PA on December 2, 2018.

The AHL Hershey Bears’ fans set a record (34,798 teddy bears and other stuffed animals) at this annual teddy bear toss.

They were collected by Community Aid and given to local hospitals for sick kids. That is AMAZING!

Photo by Bearo Jeff Rhunke

Bearo Nanci Micklon
Bearo Nanci Micklon from Lakeland, Florida sent pictures of her teddy bear, Wills, at Legoland and Busch Gardens. Over the years they have traveled to many, many places. Will’s big quest of riding 200 different roller coasters in under 3 years was met in April 1999. What a bear!
Bearo Karen Shirey

Recently Bearo Karen Shirey and members of the Zonta Club of Harrisburg-Hershey visited Shalom House, a shelter for women and children in Harrisburg, PA, to celebrate International Women’s Day.


As part of the celebration, yellow roses, special cookies and a case of GBW Ruby Good Bears were gifted. Karen is pictured 3rd from the left. The children and women were delighted to receive a teddy bear which resulted in everyone sharing a favorite childhood dream. Hearing an 8 year old child relate a “when I was little I wanted to ....” story is precious and priceless. Thank you, GBW, for delivering love and helping to open up their world.

Bearo Barb Hernandez

Bearo Barb Hernandez of the Beary Good Friends Den in Columbus, Ohio gifted a case of Good Bears to the Columbus Fire Department, Station #12.


Accepting the bears are (L to R) Geoffrey “Dusty” Rhoads and Dan DiCesare.



Two years ago, GBW was happy to receive a donation of two very large Steiff Teddy bears from Barb.

One of them was used for our 2014 raffle bear (in the picture standing beside her – what a big bear!) and she is holding the bear to be raffled in 2017 which is another big bear!


Thanks to the support of our generous and caring GBW members,

our Bear Bank is able to fill the requests we receive from

service agencies!


Thank you Barb Hernandez--thank you all!

Bearo Carol Miller

Welcome to Bearo #1069, Carol Miller, from West Palm Beach, Florida!


In her profile, she said, "I have always been an artist and have worked in many different forms - sewing, watercolor painting, line drawing, advertising and logo design. My favorite ways to create are teddy bear making and quilting.


As far back as I can remember, teddy bears have been a part of my life. Before I could walk, my mother started singing Teddy Bears Picnic to me. I remember a bear from my childhood, a panda as large as me! I could not see around it and it was a source of comfort - especially during thunderstorms.


I have been making teddy bears since 1996. My first bear was made in artist Steve Schutt's class. I was hooked and continued making other artists' patterns until 1998 when I began to create my own bear designs. A bear is complete when I finish with the accessories and give it a name. It is a feeling that touches my heart and keeps the passion of bear making alive for me with each teddy I make.”


Carol was born in Miami, Florida and encourages young people, including her grandchildren, to love and collect teddy bears.

Bearos, Beth and Ben Savino

Bearos, Beth and Ben Savino traveled to the Hugglets Teddy Bear Show in England recently.

In this picture (left to right), Beth and violinist Jena Pang, both avid teddy bear collectors, were having a wonderful time at the show!


Photo credit Bearo Ben Savino.

Bearo John Paul Port

Bearo John Paul Port, Robin Jones and Marshall Martin are pictured (l to r) at the Crossroads Teddy Bear Show in San Diego, California. John is a leading expert on teddy bears, and an accomplished teddy bear artist. He has studied the art and history of teddy bears his entire life. John’s mother, Beverly Mattison Port, is credited with creating the artist teddy bear movement and John was one of her most avid pupils. 
(Photo courtesy of Dorothy Drake, Crossroads Dolls & Teddy Bear Shows.)

Bearo Denis Shaw
Bearo Denis Shaw, La Honda, California, received the 2015 Judd Cochran Award from the La Honda Fire Brigade (LHFB), for the highest dedication to the Brigade and to the community.

For many years, in a variety of different ways, Denis supported the LHFB. One way was the donation of a teddy bear to their annual Holiday Fair Raffle. The teddy bears came about when Karen Delee (Post Master at La Honda) asked Denis if he could do something for the fair. Karen knew he was an artist and suggested making a teddy bear. She had made one herself and showed Denis how to do it. He then made one for the raffle, but afterwards several people who didn't win it asked him whether he could make one for them too, and that basically is how it all started. After the first year of making teddy bears, Denis used his own patterns and his creations are world famous!

We are happy to add our congratulations to Denis who is also a big supporter of GBW!

Meet Bearo #64
Beth and Ben Savino

Ben Savino (left) is pictured with Toyohiko Sato and Pieta Redder, at the Festival of Steiff in Giengen, Germany!

Bearos Ben and his wife Beth have been Steiff dealers in Toledo, Ohio for many years and great friends and supporters of GBW! (Photo by Beth Savino.)

Meet Bearo #1060
Lesa Jordan has retired and is living in Spring Lake, Michigan with her husband, John. They celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary on February 14, 2015 - Valentines Day. "Living in Michigan is close to our two sons, 2 great-grandchildren and 5 of 7 grandchildren," she said.

Lesa has been a member of GBW since she attended a teddy bear show hosted by the Savino’s at the Mall in Toledo, Ohio and became a member of The Disorderly Bear Den in 2008.

In 2014 she decided to become a Bearo because she can’t imagine her life without bears and like-minded friends.

In addition to being an avid teddy bear collector for many years, Lesa also collects Belleck Irish Bone China, rocks and art glass.

She is a member and past President and Treasurer of the Zonta Club of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Over the years, Lesa has donated generously to GBW International and The Disorderly Bear Den and we are excited that she has become a Bearo!

Meet Bearo #1058

Greetings! I am a native Georgia papa bear that lives a happy life with my wonderful wife of over 25 years, Emily, and a humble but growing hug of Teddy Bears.


I didn’t have a Teddy Bear as a child, and wasn’t mature enough to fully appreciate the charm, warmth, and comfort of Teddies until just the last couple of years.


As I was approaching my 50th birthday, and dealing with the onset of chronic health issues, including Meniere’s Disease (a disease of the inner ear that causes episodes of severe vertigo), I began reassessing my life priorities and focusing on what is most important to me. It was during this time that I began adopting and growing my Teddy Bear family.

After being a member of Good Bears of the World for less than a year, I proudly became Bearo #1058! I believe whole-heartedly in the mission of GBW, and I love being a member of such a wonderful group of kindred teddy bear folks!


I enjoy taking my GBW Booster Bears out into the community and on vacations, to help spread awareness about GBW.


There are no GBW dens in my area, so I am a solitary Bearo-at-large. Emily is a Hospice RN at our area hospital, and I have focused my Good Bear giftings toward patients and family members of patients in Hospice.


Big Papa Bear Hugs from Georgia, y’all!


You love teddy bears!

Why not become a Bearo too?

Bearo membership start at USA $150.00

Canada and Mexico $175.00

All other countries $250.00

Within PayPal you can select the dollar amount.



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