How to Start a Den

What is a Den?

Good Bear Dens are local chapters of Good Bears of the World composed of individuals who have banded together to support the goals of GBW with strength in numbers.

They enjoy benefits derived from association with other bear lovers.


Dens are chartered by GBW and are located around the world.


During the year, they collect and distribute teddy bears and other stuffed animals to be gifted to local groups who work with children and adults in need. They also participate at teddy bear shows, bazaars, flea markets and craft shows to raise money to buy Goodie, the GBW’s mascot bear, to give to organizations who only accept new teddy bears.


Pre-loved stuffed bears and animals that are donated to a Den are checked making sure they are clean and in mint-condition, sorted by size, given new ribbons and placed in bags. Dens then contact their list of service organizations in the area to see what is needed.



1. Build Membership.
Encourage relatives, friends, and others to join you in establishing a den and affiliate with
Good Bears of the World. You must have a minimum of 6 members to charter a den.

2. Hold First Meeting.
Explain the goals of Good Bears of the World, compile a mailing list for membership and publicity, elect officers and delegate responsibilities. Pick a den name. Develop fundraising ideas and decide where you will be giving teddy bears. Some places to consider are: hospitals, shelters, child protective services, nursing homes, police and fire departments.

3. Affiliate with Good Bears of the World International:
Pay an initial charter fee of $40.00 to Good Bears of the World Headquarters and membership dues of $10.00 for each den member. Each year your den will pay an annual renewal fee of $30 plus $10.00 for each den member. Any den member may also become a lifetime member (or “Bearo”) for a one-time large contribution.
It is the responsibility of the den to remind members to renew and to collect the dues and send them to GBW International annually.

Once you have completed the above please submit:
1. Den name, charter fee and membership dues using PayPal or check payable to Good Bears of the World.
2. Name and Address of Chairbear
3. Membership Form with members’ addresses

Mail to: Marlene Thomas, Den Coordinator
42762 Road 415
Coarsegold, CA 93614
Phone: (559) 683-5592

Den Bylaws and contract:  read . . .


Den Charter Fee

$40.00 a year for USA


Annual Renewal $30.00

Den Fees - select one

Den Dues

      Vary from $10.00
to $20.00

per member and are paid through the Den's Chairbear.     


Not interested in starting or belonging to a den?


You may donate any amount to help us buy more bears.

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