The James T. Ownby Memorial Bear Bank



The James T. Ownby Memorial Bear Bank was created to make sure GBW will always be able to supply the teddy bears requested by those who minister to people in pain; primarily children and the elderly.


Daily requests arrive at GBW headquarters from crisis and abuse centers, social workers, police departments, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes and other care-giving agencies that use GBW's loving little teddy bears in their work of healing the frightened and hurting.


It costs $9 for GBW to buy, process and ship one bear. Over the years, GBW has given hundreds of thousands of teddy bears, to those who need a hug. Goodie, the loving bear is at work!


That is why GBW created the Bear Bank.

It provides a framework for financial stability while at the same time allowing members, friends and contributors to share in spreading love and comfort world wide.


We appeal to you to make a 100% tax deductible deposit into the Bear Bank as often and as generously as you can.


Every bear purchased helps make a difference; one that can be seen on the faces of, not only those who receive them, but those who give them. You can be that difference.


Please use the PayPal buttons to buy bears or to make a Bear Bank  contribution; a pair of open but empty arms is waiting. Please help fill those arms.


Your generous support is needed and extremely appreciated.


Goodie brings smiles to everyone. Please join us in sharing the love and support that a teddy bear can bring to those in need.

GBW Official Bear named "Goodie"

The Third Edition Official GBW Teddy Bear is made by Muffin Enterprises from a dark brown plush polyester fiber with light tan paws and inner ears.


Goodie is 11 1/2" tall.

Each bear is individually packaged in a poly-bag, has a GBW logo ribbon tied in a bow around his neck and has a tag telling the story of the mission and history of Good Bears of the World.

Order 1 bear or several cases

There are 24 bears in a case     
1-4 Bears....$9.00 each
1-4 cases...$168.00 each case
5-12 Bears....$8.50 each

5-9 cases...$156.00 each case

13-23 Bears...$8.00 each
10+ cases...$144.00 each case


You do not need a PayPal account to buy bears.
Through PayPal you can use your credit card.


Buy Individual Good Bears
Select 1 to 4 Goodie Bears $9 ea
Select 5 - 9 Goodie Bears $ 8.50 ea
Select 10 - 23 Goodie Bears $8 ea
Buy Goodie Bear by the Case
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Select 5 to 9 cases

Buy ten or more cases 

Lend us a hand so we can buy more bears!
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