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Disorderly Bear Den

The Komets Hockey Team held their 4th annual Teddy Bear Toss to benefit the Disorderly Bear Den! It was in Fort Wayne, Indiana, December 2, 2016! Thanks Komets fans!! Mascot, Icey T, helped the Komets to round up the bears! Thanks Guys!


The Disorderly Bear Den members and friends getting ready to bag the hundreds of bears! Mega thanks for all the hard work!

Disorderly Bear Den
Cuddly Bear Den

GBW's traveling bear, Gulliver, attended the game with Den member Cassie Crickard (who also coordinated the toss for the Den). He is shown in front of the sales table at the Komets game!

Students are busy making teddy bears during the event at Gunma Paz University.


Toledo Den

Toledo Den member Sandy Flick, (pictured here) and her husband, Dave, took this adorable teddy to Children’s Memorial Network Telethon in April.

The teddy was given to a 4-year old girl who has “short syndrome”, a disease that less than 50 known people have.

(photo courtesy of Dave Flick)

Kingwood Heartbeat Bears
Disorderly Bear Den

Rose Ann Martin (left), Educational Manager of Kingwood Medical Center accepted 7 cases of Good Bears from members of the Kingwood Heartbeat Bears Den – (2nd from the left to right) Norma Jean Gonzales, Claire Garrett, P.V. Fitzharris, Ruth Ann Koza, Judy Miles, Debbie Colwell, Vicki Gibbs, and Kay Caffey.

Kingwood Heartbeat Bears, gifted 500 teddy bears to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. Den member, Aimee Papacostas, delivered a van-load to them! Den members met at the hospital and personally gave the bears to the children. It was a worthy and rewarding event!

Cases of Good Bears were gifted to the New Haven Fire Department! Den Member, Darlene Murphy delivered the bears to department members, Brad Parker, Carl Bradtmueller, Tanner Wild and Jason Lovel

Good Bears were gifted to three groups in our area in the past months. We also worked very hard on the teddy bears we received from the Fort Wayne Komets teddy bear toss. They were sorted, fluffed and given new ribbons!

Many large mohair teddy bears (Johanna Haida, Hermann and Steiff) were donated to our Den by a lady who was disposing of her mother’s collection. She was very sad that she could not keep all of them but also happy that she found a place where she could donate them and where they would ultimately benefit children in need. We were excited to receive them and sold them to add funds to our Bear Bank!

In August Den members, Donna Gordon-Hearn and Dianne Rapson, gave a teddy bear talk to Senior Women at the Faith Baptist Church in Fort Wayne. They were excited to have us at their meeting and greatly enjoyed learning about GBW and teddy bears.

Disorderly Bear Den
Toledo Den

In May, our Den gifted cases of Good Bears to the New Haven, Indiana Police Department. In the picture on the left, Den Member Darlene Murphy is flanked by Sargent Corey Smith (left) and Detective Kevin Hamrick (right).

Bearo, Charter Member of the Toledo Den, Steiff Store owner, avid teddy bear collector and one of GBW’s best and biggest supporters - Beth Savino is always fun and interesting to chat with at teddy bear shows. She is also one of the most respected sources on all things “Steiff”!

Cuddly Bear Den
Beary Good Friends Den

Five Den members (in the front on the right) pose after the bear making class with students holding the bears they made. What a fun time they all had!

Eighteen years ago we were contacted by Mr. Fukuda, a GBW member who had been living a long time in the U.K. and had returned to Japan. He noticed our names in the Den Directory of Bear Tracks! At that time he was facing cancer surgery so we sent him a teddy bear. Mr. Fukuda recently contacted us again because he was going to be in Tokyo and hoped we might have the chance to meet him! Sadly we could not. However, he has moved closer to Tokyo so we have the chance in the future to meet with him in “bearson”! What fun it would be to share our GBW stories!

Our Den held bear making sessions at Gunma Paz University with students there in May and June. The bears we made will be gifted to a senior citizen home in the Tohoku area hit by the quake and Tsunami in 2011

We participated in the Bright Star Show in Columbus, Ohio, on July 17th where we had a sales table and a silent auction table! Recent Den giftings have included the Groveport Food Pantry, Toys for Tots and Adriel School.

Den member, Wanda Bussard, was so busy manning our sales table she couldn’t take time to stop and smile for the camera!

Aloha Den
Bear With Us Den

Aloha Den gave Good Bears to Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Moanalua! (L to R) Shauna Tuohy and Ed Chang accepted the bears!

In August, Den members delivered Good Bears to Kaiser Hospital in Moanalua! We were happy to meet with Sauna Tuohy, the woman in charge of the Pediatrics Department, and hear her stories of the healing power of teddy bears!

Our annual gifting of teddy bears to our VA Hospital is always inspiring! We love to see the happy faces accepting their teddy bears as we thanked them for their service! After the gifting, Den Members met for lunch and to celebrate one of our member’s birthdays.
Backpacks and school supplies are donated to a local Foster Care Agency by other charities and our Den puts a bear in each backpack to keep the kids company on their 1st day of school.

Den Members at the Veterans’ Hospital gifting – back row (L to R) Donna, Renee, Veronica, Jennifer, Linda and Louise. Front row (L to R) Lillian and Cathy.

Aloha Den
Kingwood Heartbeat Den

(L o R) Alisa Au and Chairbear, Carla Rogers worked beary hard at the All Hawaii Collectors Show. It was a fun teddy bear filled day!


March 12, 2016, we went to Waianae to Ellie Bryant’s home for our annual membership meeting. We had a wonderful Chinese lunch. After lunch, we had our meeting; announcements were made; upcoming events were shared and then we toured Ellie’s miniature collection. Would you believe this? Again, we had so much fun that we forgot to take pictures. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter, great Mother’s Day and everything else in between.
On Sunday, July 17, 2016, Den Members, Carla Rogers, Alisa Au, Judy Magin, and Mary Jo Segawa participated in the Hawaii All Collectors Show. Ilene and Wayne Wong, graciously gave our Den a booth. We had a good turnout, good sales and many people donated money without taking a bear.

Selling raffle tickets at a local business, back row: MinhChau Epley, Margret Ayers, Kay Caffey (in the bear suit), Judy Miles, and Debbie Campbell. 

Front row, seated: 
Helen McInnis and Susan Soderquist.





Disorderly Bear Den

Komet's team member, Randy Cure, helped to round up the teds that were tossed on the ice!

(left to right) A cameraman, Goody Bear - aka Chloe Rapson, (seated) Kent Hormann (ABC TV) and Cassie Crickard. Goody and Cassie were on live TV (Sound off With the Komets) to promote the Teddy Bear Toss - they were awesome!

Cuddly Bear Den

Cuddly Bear Den members held a bear making class that included mothers from the Takara Nursery School. While their children were in school, the ladies enjoyed the opportunity to concentrate on making their own personal teddy bears!

Thanks to Ms. Takahashi and Ms. Shibasaki who helped to organize the event!

Bear With Us Den
Whispering Forest Den -

Bear With Us Den members participated in a gifting to the seniors at Twilight Haven Nursing Home in Fresno, California.


Pictured, (L to R) are Linda's daughter, Christie, Linda, grandson Cotton, granddaughter Madison and daughter Julia. Linda and Julia are Den members.


Little Fergus is a hedgehog on a mission. He was recently adopted and 100% of his sale went towards the purchase of more boxes of Goodie bears which were sent to the children who lost everything in the recent bush fires in Waroona. They were so grateful for the bears and now working towards more cases as there are 65 children still needing bears.

Bear With Us Den
Disorderly Bear Den

Den members Lillian and Julie stopped for a photo shoot when they were decorating the tree in the Children's Playroom at Fresno Community Hospital.

Den members at the Holiday Dinner were (Back row, left-right) Padin Grove, Chris Wilson, Alex Wilson, Dianne Rapson, Abbie Rapson, Chelli Wilson, David Wilson and Sheri Raver, (front row, left-right) Cassie Crickard, Rosie Blessing, Darlene Murphy, Phyllis Huffer, Donna Gordon-Hearn and Abbie Rapson.

Barefoot Beach Bears
Aloha Den


(L to R) Grace Randall, Barefoot Beach Bears Chairbear, presented a case of Good Bears to the Director of the Family Resource Center (FRC), Vivian St Juste. 


Grace and her sister Nina made Lego toys and sold them at their school fair to raise funds to purchase the Good Bears. 


The FRC is the main shelter in St. Thomas for battered women and their children. The Den has donated bears to this worthy group several times and they are always grateful to be able to give a cuddly teddy bear to children who are in need!


Aloha Den delivered cases of Good Bears to Child Protection Agency, Calvary by the Sea Lutheran and Angel Network Charities, a local foodbank. We joined Iolani First Graders to help make five shoebox gifts for boys and girls in need this year.

Twelve den members met for a luncheon at the Honolulu Elks Club. Judy Magin is a member there and arranged for us to celebrate Good Bear Day and Teddy Roosevelt’s birthday. We had a beautiful view of the water. The sea breeze made the lunch more enjoyable.
(1st row – Janet Zisk, Ellie Bryant, Robbie Robertson, Dayle Lindow, Chloe Segawa, Mary Jo Segawa.

2nd row – Stan Zisk, Leona Jona, Judy Magin, Elizabeth McFarland, Norieta Kawewehi, and Carla Rogers.)


Kingwood Heartbeat Bear Den

The Kingwood Heartbeat Bear Den sponsored a booth at the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church Fall Festival, where children enjoyed the attention of a bigger-than-life bear.


Inside the bear suit was Den member, Kay Caffey.


Den members gifted Good Bears to Texas Children's Hospital! Pictured (left-right in the back) are Rose Ann Martin, Educational Manager, Vicki Gibbs, Ruthann Koza, Chairbear of Kingwood Heartbeat Bears, Linda Herndon, Kay Caffey, Susan Soderquist, MinhChau Epley, Margret Ayers, Barbara Freeman and Nedra Karp. (Front left) staff members Robin Nyberg, RN and Hazel Parel, Director of Pediatric Emergency Department. 

Bear With Us Den
Mountain Bear Fan Club Angels Amongst Us

This year for Good Bear Day, members of the Bear With Us Den took snacks to children in an after school center for low income families.

Linda and Lillian made the cutest treat bags and filled them with teddy grahams and juice.

The annual Angels Amongst Us Dinner was a rewarding experience for our den and the community.

There were 20 recipients of an angel bear this year.


Attendees were asked to bring a teddy bear or other stuffed animal as a donation to our gifting program.


This year we gave a very special award to Jayden Malcolm who made a bench in remembrance of Den members Jean Eaton and BeBe Haussmann for his Eagle Scout project.


The bench will have a special place in our local library.


Disorderly Bear Den

Disorderly Bear Den members, Cassie Crickard (left) and Chloe Rapson in the Goody Bear suit, are pictured when they were in the stands greeting people during the Komet’s hockey game in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

It was their annual Teddy Bear Toss night.


Komets fans tossed over 1,600 teddy bears on the ice for the Den!


Goody Bear with the Komet’s mascot, Icey T. (L)

The Disorderly Bear Den was thrilled to be a part of this event for the third year in a row!

The Disorderly Bear Den gifted a case of Good Bears on November 19, 2015, to Fort Wayne Fire Department, Station 19.

In the picture are four firemen accepting the bears from Den member Katie Schoefield's son, Payton.

A case of Good Bears was gifted to Lutheran Children’s Hospital in November.

Disorderly Bear Den members, Dianna, Chloe and Abby Rapson delivered the bears to (l-r) Tammy Else, Child Life Coordinator, Lynn Hall and Janet Sheila.

The Disorderly Bear Den gave Good Bears to Katie's Kart.

Accepting the bears are (left) Lauren Vanderhorst and (right) Sabrina Schuenhoff.


The bears will be given to kids when the book cart makes the rounds through the different wards.

Bear With Us - California 

(Front row) Peggy, (back row L to R) Lee, Renee, Linda, Jennifer and Lillian are ready to begin the
Veteran’s Day gifting.


Near the 4th of July we do one of our favorite annual giftings to our local Veterans Hospital where we hand the bears out personally. We love to see the veterans’ smiles and listen to their stories.

Last year we provided bears and other animals to a nearby foster care agency to be include in back packs for their children and are happy to be doing that again this fall.

Another fun event we enjoy is our Teddy Bear Trick-or-Treat at our October Den meeting. We bring favorite teddy bears and goodies to hand out. Then we take turns going around the room trick or treating!

During each meeting we celebrate that month's birthdays. We have 5 members with October birthdays so that month is especially crazy!

We are gearing up for our very busy Christmas gifting season and look forward to sharing some warm and fuzzy hugs with those in need. We feel blessed to be part of the Good Bear family and wish you all a wonderful Christmas!

Bear Hugs of Chicagoland - Illinois 
Beary Good Friends Den

Natalie Kalfahs accepts the bears for the children's camp.


One hundred teddy bears were donated to the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance for the Illinois Burn Camp for Children, held in June every year. Natalie Kalfahs accepted the bears given by Chairbear, Phyllis Close.

The Den has donated a total of 1,700 bears over the past 17 years.

The camp is called “Camp I Am Me” where children have fun with other kids that have also been burned.



Den members Barb Hernandez (left) and Carol Savolaine (right), traveled to Toledo to enjoy the Doll and Bear Show.

Barb donated last year’s GBW 2014 raffle bear, a Steiff Teddy Baby, and Carol donated her Steiff Gulliver to be GBW’s latest traveling teddy.


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